Uniwersalne wiązki do haków holowniczych z modułami 7/13-pin i CAN-Bus

Universal towbar wiring kits (7/13-pin & CAN-bus)

  • MP2S-CAN


    The module realizes full functionality in 7-pin and 13-pin versions and reads input signals from CAN-Bus of the car. In order to make installation easier the main harness in integrated with the socket.

  • WH2S


    Module with advanced functionality, depending on the set can be used in 7-pin and 13-pin installations. During placing the order the correct version must be specified - WH2S-G7 for 7-pin installations or WH2S-G13 for 13-pin connection.

  • WH2L


    Module for connecting a 7- or 13-pin installation of the trailer. The device performs the basic functions. It is recommended in the case of cargo trailers.

  • WH3S


    Module with advanced functionality for 7 - and 13-pin installations, in a small cover with wiring installed to the socket for easy and quick installation.

  • WH3L
  • WH0


    Module for connection 13-pin installation of trailer. The easiest version of module in the economic standard.

  • ICM


    Intelligent trailer battery charging module designed for connection of 13-pin caravans' installations.

  • LED-RJ11-5


    Optional accessory for visualization of function modules WH2S, WH3S, ICM and others. Included in MP2S-CAN set.