CAN-BUS Converters

CAN-BUS Converters
MCB-CLICK-... modules allows contactless acquire sugnals from databus of car. Essence of their operation is "reconstructing" of signal from vehicle databus, but without electrical/physical connections to this databus. This way module protects against errors of connection 3rd party devices to the databus of car and also...
Module for data conversion from CAN-Bus of passenger cars to J1939 standard (CAN-FMS) used in trucks. Module allows data transmission from vehicles (different brands and models) to the fleet management system using (GPS) tracker devices with only CAN-FMS input.
Modules for data conversion from CAN-Bus of passengers cars to other standard, allowing data transmission from these cars (different brands) to telemetry transmitters which have with inputs in other standard.
MCB11 module is dedicated for acquiring and processing of digital data transmitted in data buses J1708 and J1939 used in trucks branded by Volvo and Renault.
Bootloader is a compact interface with USB plug which allows configuration and update firmware of devices series: MCBxx and EDA01.