MCB11 module is dedicated for acquiring and processing of digital data transmitted in data buses J1708 and J1939 used in trucks branded by Volvo and Renault. Module converts digital data (from above data buses) and transmit them to serial port RS232 / UART.


Module MCB11 is dedicated for telemetry transmitters which have as input ports J1939 (CAN-FMS) or RS232 / UART.


Device have 3 mode of operations.


Module configuration (or firmware update) is possible with Bootloader and dedicated cable using PC with Windows system and (free of charge) software.

Kit contents
  • Main module 1 pc
  • Signal cables harness 1 pc
Module functions
Data conversion from J1708 to CAN-FMS (J1939) standard
Data conversion from CAN-Bus to RS232 standard
Data conversion from CAN-Bus to UART standard
Data acquisition from J1939 (CAN-FMS)
Data acquisition from J11708 bus
Analog inputs and outputs of the module
Input: Ignition status
Features of the module
Device configuration using PC via Bootloader
Firmware update possible with PC via Bootloader
Supported CAN-Bus bit rate
250 Kbit/s
Data received from J1708 bus
RPM (value)
Acceleration pedal position
Fuel level in the fuel tank
(Volvo FH12 - NO)
Total motohours
Total fuel used
Engine temperature
Communication ports
Input: CAN-Bus (J1939)
Input: J1708
Output: CAN-Bus (J1939)
Output: UART (0...5V)
Output: RS232
Technical data
Range of power supply voltage
6..36 V
Current consumption
(for 12V) 8 mA
Operating temperature
-40...85 °C
Enclosure dimensions
45 x 55 x 18 mm
Ingress protection rating