Set of supplementary wires for socket G13-8 as "extension" to "full" functionality G13.
Is compatible with selected towbar kits (...-G13-8).


Steering circuit for charging of trailers battery must be realized by yourself.


For modules WH2S-G13-8 and WH3S-G13-8 is recommended to use (separate) ICM module for control of charging trailer battery - in this case that function will be activeted only when car engine is working.

  • Product's EAN code: 5907662621343
Kit contents
  • Supplementary cable harness to the socket G13 (pins 9-13) 1 pc
  • Supplementary cables of powering with cable fuse holder and fuse 1 set
Module main features
Permanent power supply to trailer socket
Trailer battery charging circuit
(install option)
Intelligent charging of trailer battery
(ICM required)
Technical data
Trailer battery charging current, max
15 A
Wiring diagram (general)