New series of kits with hermetics central unit which cooperate with caravans with standard lamps (with filament bulbs) and also LED-lamps.

Digital module MP6-DS-G13 module is most expanded controller of trailers light which was designed particularly for caravans (also with "own" battery) which use "filament bulb" lamps and LED-lamps. Main feature od this module is hermetics case with adequate socket for all wires.
suitable to the 13-pin plug of the trailer trailer reverse lights control LED/bulb lamps support, PWM control trailer LED/bulb lamps support recognition of PWM steering of car lamps (digital method) independent rear fog lights control trailer rear fog lights turning-on audio alarm trailer auto-detection audio alarm trailer's turn signal lights damage audio alarm and detection include separately circuit for trailer battery charging supply voltage (+12V) is permanently brought out in the socket output for enabling of switching off PDC signalization in car OPTION: additionally variants of stitching off PDC signalling using separatelly PDC-OFF modules signaling of status by tri-color LED display signaling by LED display about malfuntion of directions lights on the trailer signalling of damage of directions lights on the trailer by faster blinking of directions light of car displaying status of switching-on fog light on the trailer displaying status of connection/disconnection of trailer displaying status of trailer battery charging