Extension kit for MP2S-CAN-G8 which "enables" usage the rest of pins in G13 socket ("permament plus", loading circuit of trailers battery). Kit includes all needed wires and relay as "switching element" for properly working the circuit of loading the trailer battery. Wires to the socket are inside own PVC cover and it should be conduited "near" (or "with" if this is new installation) cable harness of the main set. Similar - power wires are separate (for these additionally circuits), with own fuse.

Kit contents
  • Supplementary cables of powering with cable fuse holder and fuse 1 set
  • Supplementary cable harness to the socket G13 (pins 9-13) 1 pc
  • Realy and socket with connections 1 set
Module main features
Permanent power supply to trailer socket
Trailer battery charging circuit
Intelligent charging of trailer battery
(controled by MP2S-CAN)
Alerts & Notifications
Trailer battery charging notification
(by LED-RGY-500)
Technical data
Trailer battery charging current, max
15 A