suitable to the 13-pin plug of the trailer (used 8-pins) reading input data from CAN-BUS control of reverse light of the trailer working with LED and bulb lamps and PWM steering working with LED and bulb lamps on the trailer  sequential on/off fog lamp signaling of status by tri-color LED display signaling by LED INFO about malfuntion of directions lights on the trailer displaying status of switching-on fog light on the trailer displaying status of connection/disconnection of trailer output for enabling of switching off PDC signalization in car OPTION: additionally variants of stitching off PDC signalling using separatelly PDC-OFF modules displaying malfunction of trailers turn lights on car dashboard display panel (for selected cars) automatically deactivation rear PDC sensors when trailer is connected (for selected cars) automatically blocking of switching-on rear fog-light when trailer is connected (for selected cars) blocking of car trunk opening by driver using remote switch if trailer is connected (for selected cars)

Main module (MP2S-CAN) - in contrast to others - reads inputs data from CAN-Bus of car - not from wires to lamps.Thanks to this count of needed connections under installation time is much less than in case of "typical" modules. More over - main cable harness is already connected with socket - this also makes an installation process easier and faster.


MP2S-CAN-G13-8 use first 8 pins of socket for steering all lamps (include REV light) on trailer. When is required of operate with "full" G13 socket ("permament plus", loading circuit of trailers battery) should be user PowerKit+RelayKit. In this case module also controls when loading circuit of trailer battery should be switched on: only when cars engine operates (more than 10 secs).


MP2S-CAN module supports many of car models present on the European market - but must be configured for concrete type/model of car. It is made by use (optionaly) device Bootloader and software (available for free). Module is equipped with an output for deactivate of parking sensors module (PDC) in car - but for some cars this can be realised "directly".


In special cases (when this is required) is possible to make contact-less data reading from CAN-Bus (without "hard" contact - without "phisically integration" with an installation of car) using optionally module MCB-CLICK-CAN.


The kit is equipped with RJ11-LED-5 - tri-colour LED indicator which inform about:

  • connecting of the trailer;
  • damaging the directions lights on the trailer;
  • switching-on fog light on the trailer;
  • loading of trailer battery (when is used: PowerKit+RelayKit).
Kit contents
  • Main control unit 1 pc
  • Main cable harness with 13-pin socket 1 pc
  • Signal cables harness (to the CAN-Bus) 1 pc
  • Power cable harness 1 pc
  • Information LED indicator (3-colours) 1 pc
  • Mounting set 1 set
  • Screw set 1 set
  • Connections diagram 1 pc
Basic functions of the module
  • Reading data from the CAN-bus of vehicle
  • Support of LED lights and single filament bulbs
  • Automatic detection of connection the trailer/camper with filament bulbs
  • Automatic detection of connection the trailer/camper with LED lighting (installation option)
  • Ability to control of park sensors module in car
  • Control of reverse light of the trailer
Diagnostic-information functions and other
  • Signalling of connection the trailer RJ11-LED-5
  • Signalling of fault the directions light lamp (for filament bulbs) RJ11-LED-5
  • Signalling of switching-on the fog-light on trailer/caravan RJ11-LED-5
  • Permanent power supply in trailer socket (possible using PowerKit+RelayKit)
  • Intelligent charging of trailer battery (possible using PowerKit+RelayKit)
The way of control the car's rear fog-lights
  • Method of trailer fog light steering sequence or direct
  • Sequence method of steering the trailer fog light
  • Switching off of the car rear fog lights
Technical data
  • Power supply voltage 10-18 V
  • Maximum current of position lights output (each of sides) 3 x 5 W
  • Maximum current of stop lights output 3 x 21 W
  • Maximum сurrent of blinker (turn signal) outputs (each of sides) 21+10 W
  • Maximum current of fog-light output 21 W
  • Maximum current of reverse lights output 21 W
  • Parking sensors output load capacity 1 A
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