Set of supplementary wires for socket G13-8 as "extension" to "full" functionality G13.
Is compatible with selected towbar kits (...-G13-8).


Steering circuit for charging of trailers battery must be realized by yourself.


For modules WH2S-G13-8 and WH3S-G13-8 is recommended to use (separate) ICM module for control of charging trailer battery - in this case that function will be activeted only when car engine is working.

  • Product's EAN code: 5907662621343
Состав комплекта
  • Supplementary cable harness to the socket G13 (pins 9-13) 1 pc
  • Supplementary cables of powering with cable fuse holder and fuse 1 set
Основные функции модуля
Постоянная подача питания на гнездо прицепа
Цепь зарядки аккумулятора прицепа
(install option)
Интеллектуальная зарядка аккумулятора прицепа
(ICM required)
Технические данные
Максимальный выходной ток зарядки аккумулятора
15 A
Монтажная схема (общая)