Universal wireless tester TMP02-G7G13is designed to test the correct operation and in-stallation of the trailer lighting module interoperating with a 13-pin socket or (using adapter) with 7-pin socket.


The tester simulates the loads carried by each trailer light, which allows testing the correctness of the trailer's detection of the connected trailer. The tester consists of two devices that radio communicate with each other:

  1. loading module connected to the trailer socket;
  2. radio controller operated in the car cabin by a person testing the correct connection and operation of the trailer module.


The tester loading module simulates the loads carried by the trailer bulbs and transmits information about the light signals at the trailer socket to the radio controller.

The tester remote controller is equipped with:

  • LED indicators signaling the status of signals on particular pins of the trailer socket received from the loading module;
  • the buttons, with use of which can be simulated damage to the bulb of any trailer light and electrical disconnection of the trailer; this information is sent by radio to the loading module;
  • a voltmeter displaying the current voltage value in the vehicle instal-lation, which enables checking the correctness of activation the trailer battery charging module function.


Use the wireless connection facilitates the testing process and prevents the risk of damage to the long wire connecting the tester to the trailer socket used in traditional testers.

  • Product's EAN code: 5907662621312
Состав комплекта
  • Tester loading module 1 pc
  • Wireless remote controller 1 pc
  • Adapter from 13-pins to 7-pins plug 1 pc
Технические данные
Напряжение питания
12-15 В
Максимальная нагрузка выхода габаритных огней
3 Вт
Максимальный выходной ток стоп-сигнала
12 Вт
Максимальный нагрузка выходов поворотников
3 Вт
Максимальный нагрузка выходов противотуманных фар
13 Вт
Максимальный нагрузка выходов фар заднего хода
3 Вт
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