MCB-FMI module reads from CAN-Bus of forklift choosen (in configuration) parameter (speed, level of charging the battery or tilting of the forklift mast) and display that value (OK - attention - alarm) on tri-colour LED display. Additionally for alarm range is generated sound signal.



It is possible to completly freely to configure ranges (min and max) for each of display's colour and (separatelly) buzzer signal. In this way is possible continuosly to show the whole range of parameter or only selected "regions" (eg. only near an alarm and exactly alarm).



For programming of MCB-FMI must be used Bootloader with dedicated cable.


Состав комплекта
  • Module with integrated display 1 pc
  • Integrated wire harness (all-in-1-plug) 1 шт.
Communications ports
CAN-BUS - databus in vehicles
Свойства модуля
Программирование настроек работы модуля посредством компьютера PC и Программатора (Bootloader)
Технические данные
Диапазон напряжений питания
9...36 B
Rated supply voltage
12/24 V
Диапазон рабочих температур
-40...85 °C
Permissible humidity range
<95% %
Размер корпуса
80 x 55 x 30 mm
Device weight
65 g
Лист технических данных
Монтажная схема (общая)
Руководство по обслуживанию