system designed for TOW trucks hermetics installation "plug-to-plug" (without soldering nor quick-connectors) suitable to the 13-pin plug of the trailer (used 8-pins) trailer reverse lights control LED/bulb lamps support, PWM control trailer LED/bulb lamps support recognition of PWM steering of car lamps (digital method) independent rear fog lights control trailer rear fog lights turning-on audio information audio information about trailer connecion and disconnection trailer's turn signal lights damage datection and audio notification socket for tri-colour LED indicator output for enabling of switching off PDC signalization in car OPTION: additionally variants of stitching off PDC signalling using separatelly PDC-OFF modules
List price
138.00 EUR (excl. VAT)

Standard features module (WH3Q-S) with two 13-pin sockets and 8 usable wires for each of them (2 x G8). The package is specially designed for tow-truck's: MERCEDES SPRINTER, VOLKSWAGEN CRAFTER, RENAULT MASTER or IVECO DAILY (manufactured since June 2021).

The kit includes wire harness of exact length(precisely for this car's model). Special advantage kit advantage is a possibility of connection to the existed plugs and sockets of car's electrical system without cutting. Installation location of central unit is cabin interior on the left hand side of a car.


Module has all standards functions, that on top of all these basic functions it make possible eg.:

  • independent rear fog lights control the fog light (54G) on a car can be switched-off when it (54G) is still switching-on on a trailer;
  • damaged rear turn signal lights activate alarm with buzzer's sound


To the module can be connected (optionally) LED-RGY-300 - tri-colour LED indicator that inform driver about:

  • trailer auto-detection;
  • trailer's turn signal lights damage;
  • fog lights turning-on.



Details of the set and mounting locations are shown in photo gallery and in catalogue card.

Kit contents
  • Main control unit 1 pc
  • Wire harness set 'P2P' for 'plug-to-plug' installation 1 set
  • Socket G13 2 pcs
  • Mounting set 1 set
  • Screw set 2 sets
Module main features
Current load inputs
≤2 mA
LED lights and single filament bulbs support (car)
Working with cars which use pulse width modulation (PWM) for powering lamps
LED lights and filament bulbs support(trailer)
Trailer/camper connection detection (bulb lamps)
Trailer/camper connection detection (LED lamps)
Trailer turn signal lamps failure detection
Trailer reverse light control
Alerts & Notifications
Trailer connection notification
sound signal; LED-RGY-300 (option)
Trailer turn signal failure
sound signal; LED-RGY-300 (option)
Trailer/caravan fog lights switching on/off notification
sound signal; LED-RGY-300 (option)
Car rear fog-lights control modes
Trailer fog lights control modes
Trailer fog light sequential(independent) control
Car rear fog lights cut-off
Features of electric cable harness
Type of cable harness: P2P ("pin-to-pin")
Extension P2P of cable harness to the car rear lamps
L=1,5 R=1,5 [m]
Mounted socket on the cable harness
Length of power harness
1,5 m
Length of cable harness to the socket
8,5+3,0 m
Technical data
Power supply voltage
10-18 V
Position lights output power, max
(each of side) 3 x 5 W
Stop lights output power, max
3 x 21 W
Turn signal output power, max
(each of side) 21+10 W
Fog-light output power, max
21 W
Reverse lights output power, max
21 W
Kit equipment
Complete bundle of towbar with installation accessories