Lifetime warranty: Reliable Towbar Wiring Kits

We are Quasar Electronics, a leader in the production of electronic devices for vehicles, including high-quality towbar wiring kits. For over twenty years, we have been providing customers with reliability and professionalism. Our products, manufactured locally in Warsaw, are known for their solidity and durability, which is also confirmed by our lifetime warranty on each purchased product.


We sell approximately 120,000 devices annually, demonstrating our ability to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Our towbar wiring kits are designed and manufactured according to the highest quality standards, ensuring their reliability in any conditions.


Last year, only 74 of our devices required replacement, which is only 0.62‰ of all manufactured devices. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering products that can be relied upon for many years.


We not only care about the quality of our products but also about customer service. Our technical and service department is always ready to provide assistance and support. You can always count on fast and professional help with any questions or problems with device connection.


Trust Quasar Electronics and choose our reliable towbar wiring kits, which will ensure you a peaceful journey and confidence that your vehicle is properly equipped. Learn more about our products bu clicking here!