Which module should I choose if I want to carry a bike carrier on the tailgate?

When fitting a bike rack to the tailgate, we suggest choosing an 8 pin wiring kits due to the requirement to carry the reversing light signal. In the case of our products, this will be:

   - basic harness WH1R-G8 
   - advanced harness WH3Q-S-G8
   - tailor made WH1R-G8-RAV4 P2P harness for Toyota RAV4/Highlander and Suzuki Across
   - tailor made CAN-Bus harness MP2S-CAN-G8

*P2P - connecting to existing plugs and sockets in the car's electrical system.

Which module should I choose if I want to carry a caravan on my hook?

In the case of a caravan, the most extensive version of the towbar harness is required. This is due to the need to operate all trailer lights, including the reverse light. In addition, a permanent power supply and charging of the trailer battery is required.

In the case of our products, these will be:

   - MP5-DS-G13 (most extensive module with functionality of ICM-G13 and LED-RGY-500 included)

   - WH3Q-S-G13-ICM (ICM-G13 mandatory in addition, LED-RGY-500 as optional accessory)

Which module should I choose when I want to connect a trailer below 750 kg?

In this case, a basic 7-pin wiring kit is sufficient:

- basic module WH1-PRO-G7

- advanced module WH3Q-S-G7

Note, however, that for such a harness, we will not be able to mount a bicycle rack on the hitch or pull a caravan (among other things, due to the lack of a reverse light or power and charging circuits for the trailer).

I have a car with a 24V installation, can I find a compatible module?

Trailer 24V

Yes, we have a product dedicated to 24V installation - TBM-DB-G8. The trailer must have the same installation voltage as the car.

Trailer 12V

It is also possible to program the module to operate a car with a 24V installation with a 12V trailer - TBM-DB-G8-24/12V. Please highlight the option when purchasing.

Which car models are compatible with CAN harnesses (MP2S-CAN)?

You can find the compatibility list on our website under the link MP2S-CAN Compatibility List.

Can I find PIN 2 PIN wiring kits, if so to which cars?

Below is a list of towbar wiring kits in the "P2P" version. Special advantage of P2P kit is a possibility of connection to the existing plugs and sockets of car's electrical system without cutting.


Samochody osobowe

Toyota RAV4 from 2021

Toyota Highlander from 2021

Suzuki Across from 2020










Hyundai Tuscon (NX4) from 2020
Hyundai Tuscon Plug-in Hybrid from 2021
Hyundai IONIQ 5 (NE) from 2021
Kia Sorento (MQ4) from 2020
Kia Sportage (NQ5) from 2021
Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid from 2022
Kia EV6 from 2021

Kia EV9 from 2023









Ford Ranger

VW Amarok




Samochody dostawcze i lawety

Mercedes Sprinter

Volkswagen Crafter

Renault Master

Iveco Daily from 06.2021







Fiat Ducato

Citroen Jumper

Peugeot Boxer

Opel Movano







Iveco Daily from 05.2021







I have a car from the US, which module should I choose?

Unfortunately, our wiring kits do not support cars from the US market. There are exceptions for vehicles with already modified installations, but in such cases, it is advisable to consult this issue with an automotive electrician.



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