standard system - for typical passenger cars suitable to the 13-pin plug of the trailer trailer reverse lights control LED/bulb lamps support, PWM control trailer LED/bulb lamps support recognition of PWM steering of car lamps (digital method) independent rear fog lights control trailer rear fog lights turning-on audio information audio information about trailer connecion and disconnection trailer's turn signal lights damage datection and audio notification contains separately circuit for trailer battery charging supply voltage (+12V) is permanently brought out in the socket output for enabling of switching off PDC signalization in car OPTION: additionally variants of stitching off PDC signalling using separatelly PDC-OFF modules socket for tri-colour LED indicator signaling of status by tri-color LED display signaling by LED display about malfuntion of directions lights on the trailer signalling of damage of directions lights on the trailer by faster blinking of directions light of car displaying status of switching-on fog light on the trailer displaying status of connection/disconnection of trailer displaying status of trailer battery charging
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78.00 EUR (excl. VAT)

Digital module MP5-DS-G13 is most expanded controller of trailers light which was designed particularly for caravans (also with "own" battery) equiped with standard and LED lamps. Module provide:

  • steering of FOG light by sequential method (is possible to switch off FOG light on car leaving lighting on trailer);
  • has an output for deactivate signalling of rear parking sensors when trailer is connected (can be required to use PDC... modules);
  • properly working with PWM steering of lamps in car (when by one wire are controlled two lights - eg. "STOP light" and "tail light");
  • has function an intelligent charging of caravans battery.


When module MP5-DS-G13 is connected properly (according to installation diagram - on inputs side) then malfunction of directions lights of trailer will be signalled by faster blinking of directions lights of car.


The cabling of kit has separate fuses for folowing circuits:

  • 10A - trailer lighting,
  • 10A - fixed power supply of trailer,
  • 10A - charging trailer's battery,
  • 1A - voltage control of car installation.


In addition MP5-DS-G13 module have an information functions (using separate tri-colour LED) for signalling:

  • connection of the trailer;
  • damaging the directions lights on the trailer;
  • switching-on fog light on the trailer;
  • loading of trailer battery.


NOTE: New generation module MP5-DS shouldn't be used as replacement with previous generation module MP5S (also with "old" cables/wiring).

Product requires to be installed by specialized workshop - read here.

  • Product's EAN code: 5907662621329
Kit contents
  • Main control unit 1 pc
  • Main cable harness (to the socket) 1 pc
  • Socket G13 1 pc
  • Power cable harness 1 pc
  • Power cable harness with fuse (x4) holder 1 set
  • Signal cables harness 1 pc
  • Information LED indicator (3-colours) 1 pc
  • Screw set 1 set
  • Mounting set 1 set
  • Connections diagram 1 pc
Module main features
Current load inputs
≤2 mA
LED lights and single filament bulbs support (car)
Working with cars which use pulse width modulation (PWM) for powering lamps
LED lights and filament bulbs support(trailer)
Trailer/camper connection detection (bulb lamps)
Trailer/camper connection detection (LED lamps)
Ability to control of park sensors module in car
Trailer turn signal lamps failure detection
Trailer reverse light control
Permanent power supply to trailer socket
Trailer battery charging circuit
Intelligent charging of trailer battery
Separate protection for socket circuits: trailer lighting, permanent power supply and trailer battery charging power supply
Alerts & Notifications
Trailer connection notification
sound signal; LED-RGY-500
Trailer turn signal failure
sound signal; LED-RGY-500
Trailer turn signal failure alarm by increased flashing rate car turn indicator
Trailer/caravan fog lights switching on/off notification
sound signal; LED-RGY-500
Trailer battery charging notification
Car rear fog-lights control modes
Trailer fog lights control modes
Trailer fog light sequential(independent) control
Car rear fog lights cut-off
Features of electric cable harness
Length of power harness
5,5 m
Length of cable harness to the socket
1,7 m
Length of input signals cable harness
L=1,0 R=3,0 m
Technical data
Power supply voltage
10-18 V
Position lights output power, max
(each of sides) 3 x 5 W
Stop lights output power, max
3 x 21 W
Turn signal output power, max
(each of sides) 21+10 W
Fog-light output power, max
21 W
Reverse lights output power, max
21 W
Trailer battery charging current, max
10 A
Parking sensors output load capacity, max
0,5 A
Kit equipment
Complete bundle of towbar with installation accessories