Towbar wirings accessories

Towbar wirings accessories
PDC... modules should be used when "simple" disconnection of PDC unit of rear park-sensors (directly using of output from WHxS/MPxS modules) makes a troubles - like eg. signalling the device malfunction in car.
Optional accessory for visualize of functions steering module using 3 colours LED.
displaying status of connection/disconnection of trailer signaling by LED display about malfuntion of directions lights on the trailer displaying status of switching-on fog light on the trailer displaying status of trailer battery charging
Intelligent Charging Module of trailer/caravan battery.
contains separately circuit for trailer battery charging adjusting voltage switching threshold of charging (12.5V ... 13.4V) socket for tri-colour LED indicator
Extension kits for installation if you have a G8 trailer socket (13-pin socket, but with wires for trailer lights only) to upgrade to the G13 standard.
Testing devices
The trailer's socket testers (13-pins and 7-pins) allows to check operation of installed towbar kits.