Universal extension kit from 8-Pin to 13-Pin

In the case of a caravan there is a need to operate all trailer lights, including the reverse light. In addition, a permanent power supply and charging of the trailer battery is required. You need to keep that in mind then purchasing the towbar wiring kit - as the most extensive version of the towbar harness is required. But what to do when you already owe 8-pin kit?

What is the G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT extension?

The G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT is a universal extension for towbar wiking kits that allows you to convert a standard 8-pin harness to a full 13-pin one. With this solution, you can easily connect a camping trailer to your vehicle without worrying about missing functions. Kit is projected for standalone operation (can be instaled to all 13/8-pin instalation without power circuits) and already include module for an intelligent charging of trailer/caravan battery - ICM-G13.

Why to choose the G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT?

  • Universality: This extension kit fits any standard 8-pin harness, regardless of the vehicle's make or model. You don't have to worry about whether the extension will be compatible with your car.
  • Ease of Installation: Installing the extension is simple and does not require specialized knowledge or tools. Just connect the appropriate connectors, and the extension will be ready to use.
  • Full Functionality: With the G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT, you can enjoy the full range of functions of a 13-pin electrical harness, including lighting power, brakes, warning signals, and more. This ensures safe and comfortable travel with a camping trailer.

When you need to expand a standard 8-pin wiring kit in your vehicle to a full 13-pin one, the Quasar Electronics G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT is the ideal solution. With its universality, ease of installation, and full functionality, you can enjoy safe and comfortable travels with a camping trailer. Don't let the limitations of the electrical harness stand in the way of your adventures - invest in the G13-ICM-ISO-EXT-KIT extension and enjoy the freedom of travel!