Module with standard functionality (MP2RS) with 8 wires in 13-pin's socket which:

  • working with reverse light on trailer;
  • steering of FOG light by sequential method (is possible to switch off FOG light on car leaving lighting on trailer);
  • have an output for deactivate signalling of rear parking sensors when trailer is connected (can be required to use PDC... modules);
  • properly working with PWM steering of lamps in car (when by one wire are controlled two lights - eg. "STOP light" and "tail light").


This module can be adopted to using with eg. caravans, where is required additionally connections. In this case should be used G13-Power-Kit, which "activate" rest of pins in socket.

But recommended solution (when is needed powering in socket) is a choice other modules like MP5-DS series modules or digital modules: WH2Q-S-G13/WH3Q-S-G13.



  1. module MP2RS working with trailers which use "filament bulbs" (not LED) lamps;
  2. module cancelled - currently is in offer digital module WH3Q-S-G8.

Product requires to be installed by specialized workshop - read here.

  • Product's EAN code: 5907662621275
Kit contents
  • Main control unit 1 pc
  • Main cable harness (to the socket) 1 pc
  • Socket G13 1 pc
  • Mounting set 1 set
  • Screw set 1 set
  • Connections diagram 1 pc
Module main features
Current load inputs
≤2 mA
LED lights and single filament bulbs support (car)
Working with cars which use pulse width modulation (PWM) for powering lamps
Trailer/camper connection detection (bulb lamps)
Trailer/camper connection detection (LED lamps)
Ability to control of park sensors module in car
Trailer reverse light control
Car rear fog-lights control modes
Trailer fog lights control modes
Trailer fog light sequential(independent) control
Car rear fog lights cut-off
Features of electric cable harness
Length of power harness
5,0 m
Length of cable harness to the socket
1,7 m
Length of input signals cable harness
L=1,0 R=3,0 m
Technical data
Power supply voltage
10-18 V
Position lights output power, max
(each of sides) 3 x 5 W
Stop lights output power, max
3 x 21 W
Turn signal output power, max
(each of sides) 21+10 W
Fog-light output power, max
21 W
Reverse lights output power, max
21 W
Parking sensors output load capacity, max
0,5 A
Kit equipment
Complete bundle of towbar with installation accessories